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Welcome to

Northeast Hoopers

Bringing hoopers of the Northeast region together online and helping create a vibrant hooping community right in our neighborhood!

Last summer (2011), after hooping for years, I fell in love with hooping all over again and started lamenting, Hey, where are my local hoopers? I wanted to hoop with people close by, not just videos on YouTube. At a hoop festival I was inspired by the people I met and realized it was up to me to be a force in creating my local hoop community. My first step towards this goal was creating a hoop business and teaching hoop classes (Cloud Nine Hooping), and now (March 2012) we launch Northeast Hoopers. Let the local fun begin!**

The Northeast Region

Our definition of the Northeast region is anywhere we can drive within about 8 hours of home (we are in upstate NY). In the spirit of inclusiveness, we’ve annexed a bit of Canada and a bit of what might usually be considered the Southeast. That’s because we love our Canadian neighbors and our friends a bit to the south too much to lop ’em off our map.

Your definition of the Northeast may be somewhat different – that’s okay too. You can decide if you want to include yourself in this region. For the purposes event postings in our calendar, however, we’ll only include events in the region as we’ve defined it. If your event is outside the Northeast, remember there are other amazing resources which cover hooping on an international scale (notably, hooping.org and hoopcity.ca.) Our mission here is regional.

The mega-giant hoop on the map above is a basic idea of how we’ve defined the Northeast Region.

The Forum

The forum is the heart of Northeast Hoopers. It’s a place to connect with other hoopers within driving distance, possibly right across town! Local hoopers–experienced, new, and hoop-curious–can meet, chat, share stories and advice, and arrange activities. Get involved! Learn about jams, festivals, and classes near you.

Events Calendar

The events calendar is an excellent resource both to find events and promote yours. Submit your events–including classes and instruction–to reach a targeted audience of hoopers in the Northeast. Share hoop-friendly gatherings like flow arts events and music festivals which invite hoopers. Maybe you know a local band that would love some hoopers to show up at a gig (please ask first–not every band will have the space or inclination 🙂 ).


We want your videos and photos! Show off your pics and videos of hoopers and hooping in the Northeast. Coming soon: video and photo of the week.


Reach the people who want to patronize your business! We welcome advertisements for goods, services and events of interest to regional hoopers and aligned with our mission. Value pricing available now. Regional hoop festivals: with a year’s paid banner advertisement, we are offering your very own forum for festival related announcements, requests, and ride-shares! Click here for more info on advertising with us.


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