• The Northeast Hoopers website is just getting started. So, please...

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Website Guidelines:

For everyone’s benefit –

  • Have fun
  • Be nice

Northeast Hoopers asks that all participants please use self-moderation when posting.

If you see or read something posted in the forums that is not right – spam messages, or anything else – please use the “report” button in the post to let us know. This is really very helpful in keeping the forums tidy.


Account Registration:

Special Note:

When you fill out the registration form, please keep your username under 20 characters (between 4-16 is best).

Long usernames will break the website!

– Not really. But, they do raise heck with design layout of the website’s forums. So, your help in choosing a short username is appreciated. Note: Registrations with usernames longer than 20 characters will be deleted without notice. Thanks for your cooperation.

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