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Banner Advertising at Northeast Hoopers

Advertisers at Northeast Hoopers help to support our mission of developing and growing our region’s hooping community.

Northeast Hoopers welcomes all advertisers with a connection to our community. If your company sells, hoops and/or hooping supplies – hooping clothing – gear, offers instruction – classes – workshops, or provides related services or goods useful to hoopers — this is the place to advertise!

Regional Hoop Festivals: We want to support you! We’ll create your own forum at Northeast Hoopers when you purchase a year’s banner advertisement! (Forum will remain active as long as you continue to advertise with us.)

Advertisement banner graphics are 240 pixels wide by 104 pixels high, and are displayed in the right-hand sidebar of every page on the Northeast Hoopers website.

Your advertisement is tracked by the total number of impressions served and the total number of click-thrus to your web site. You can view your advertisement statistics at anytime with your password. (future feature)

Banner Specifications:

Image Based – 240 pixels wide by 104 pixels high, gif, jpg, or png format, animated gifs are allowed, (50 kb max.). No transparent backgrounds.

You can create your own banner, or we can make an attractive non-animated banner for you for a $35 fee.

Your banner is stored on our server for speed and security.

All banner ads must be reviewed and approved by Northeast Hoopers.

Introductory Banner Rates:

6 months = $80

12 months = $120

These introductory rates will only be offered for a limited time.

Banner ad sales for Northeast Hoopers are made through the online catalog at our sister website:

Cloud Nine Hooping

All banner sales payment transactions are processed securely via PayPal

(With PayPal you can pay with your credit card — even if you don’t have a PayPal account)


To purchase a banner ad now, just click here.


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